Where the Wildflowers Are

This Photoshoot was a little extra special for me. My husband and I have known John since he was about 17 years old, and we cultivated a beautiful friendship throughout the years with him. We've partied like it was the end of the word together, we've shared grief when we lost a friend to cancer, we've shared triumph when I got married, and we've went through patches of silence because life takes hold and we get too busy. Through out the years I've been fortunate enough to watch him grow into the man he is today. Kind enough to lend you his shirt off his back if need be. Loyal enough to be there for his family, and selfless enough to love and care for a little girl that came into his life when he met his beautiful wife Shanda. It's been a privilege as a friend and a photographer to be able to capture the beginnings of someone's life story, but an even greater joy when that family begins to grow. With a huge lump in my throat, because I'm way too emotional of a human being, and with nothing but joy in my heart for your journey together. I just want to say thank you John and Shanda for letting me capture the second part of your story, and thank you for showing me how beautiful it is to truly capture a family in love.