Hi, I'm Karyssa!

I'm a traveler. I moved my petite self (4'10 to be exact) from my small town in Spring Hill, FL to an even smaller town in Eastern Kentucky. Why the change? I fell in love with the Kentucky mountains on a road trip with my best friend and never looked back. I'm a believer in trying out any dream, even if it's not something you've imagined yourself pursuing as a kid. With that being said, I love to cook, and dived deep into the culinary world, working as a line cook and sous chef in multiple restaurants to see if that's where my passion was. Fortunately, for me, through that experience I realized working in someone else's kitchen wasn't something that fulfilled me. However, I still have a love and passion for cooking and creating. On any day of the week you can check out my personal Instagram to see what I've cooked up for dinner!

Through different self created food blogs and pages I also found a passion for photography, and quickly realized how much I enjoyed photographing humans! I'm eager to pursue photography as a business, and I'm excited to take on some new projects that will help me continue to learn and grow as a photographer. Never be afraid to put your true self out for the whole world to see, you might be surprised at what you're capable of.

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